Food + Technology.

We are as passionate about technology
as we are about exquisite food!
Our solutions help bring the two closer together.

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Who We Are

We are a food technology company. Our vision is to enhance and optimize the preparation and consumption segments of the food value chain through our technology, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing waste.

We believe that great food and automation are not mutually exclusive. We aim to empower consumers and businesses to reap the benefits of machine intelligence, automation and smart software when it comes to quality, nutritious food. We have set out to change the world for the better by:

Conducting Research:

New trends and methodologies are always on the horizon. We explore and experiment with the state of the art in food technology, and leverage our findings to design better products.

Evolving Design:

Based on our findings, we design Intuitive, easy-to-use software and automation solutions that can help foodservice businesses and consumers to benefit from advanced technology.

Progressive Builds:

Our products are engineered to be iteratively built upon, leveraging previous successes. However, we never rest on our achievements, instead, we always strive to advance towards our goal; enabling efficient production and distribution of high quality, nutritious food.

Perpetually Repeating:

What we know for certain, is that change is a certainty. We are constantly engaged in our 3 step cycle to ensure that we keep abreast of the prime factor that drives our world: Evolution.

What We Offer

We build modular and integrated SaaS applications, embedded systems, robotics, IoT devices and other accessories related to food storage, preparation and consumption.

Our business and enterprise products enable intelligent supply chain, operations and management functions, while our consumer products focus on interaction, nutrition, consumption and social aspects of food.


Our consumer products are designed to be economical, socially enabled, user friendly and informative.


We offer quality software and hardware products to streamline management and operations for independent foodservice operators.


Enterprise grade software and hardware products to optimize your large scale foodservice value chain.

Contact Us

Here is how to get in touch with us. +1 (406) 233 9786

Where To Find Us

Mercer Warehouse
Edmonton, AB

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